2015 was a big year for the Celebration for Kids - using the same logo with ornaments we've used for the past few years, I refreshed the look for the new signage & printed publications.
A custom 'envelope' greeted the recipient - clicking on the envelope led the viewer to the invitation below.
Signage helped guests navigate the large event. Most of this was printed directly onto the substrates using a large format flatbed printer.
Two publications are produced, a 40 page Live Auction and restaurant listing book, and a silent auction listing book. These are from the 2012 event.
Gourmet restaurants from the Boston area set up shop to serve hors d'oeuvre size bites of their specialities. Each restaurant was listed in the 40 page book, which I laid out in InDesign.
I created two powerpoint presentations to match the theme of the evening - one listed sponsors, the other was used for the big ticket auction items up on stage.
A fun time was had by all!

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