SCS Collateral and Rebranding

I always enjoy working with Sherman Consulting. Over the years we've done several variations of collateral and Paul communicates his vision very clearly - I make it into a reality! this year was the 25th anniversary of the company, so I created a new logo, flyer, business card and folder design.

I really enjoy working with Sherman Consulting Services, and over the years there have been several incarnations of the logo. Above is the most recent, shown in a full tradeshow booth format.

The client attended a Dentist specific trade show, and needed a flyer tailored to that industry.  We wanted to keep a similar design to the other flyer, but change the theme.
The reverse side of the flyer delivers a lot of information about all of the company's services and how the process of working with them typically flows.
The owner needed to update the look of their company collateral, and asked me to start with designing a flyer. The logo stayed the same, and I strove to give the company a modern and professional feel, while also organizing alot of complex information. 
The client needed a matching folder in which to present proposals to clients. The images on the cover were blended in Photoshop. 
A three panel trade show display was designed to complement the dentist theme. 
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